Opaque Matte Lipstick - $6.99

    these are exactly the lipsticks that white suburban moms and conservative talk radio hosts were worried about

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  1. if you are feeling pensive or slightly emotional, I highly suggest watching Above & Beyond’s live acoustic show they performed at Porchester Hall. absolutely stunning from beginning to end. pure bliss and beauty. this gets me all kinds of happy. shows that they are true composers and musicians. not just button-pushers. it will give you a whole new level of respect for producers and DJs that you might not have to begin with. man, these goosebumps will not go away.

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    Orlando Bloom (and Evangeline Lilly) win ‘Best Fight’ [Desolation of Smaug] @ 2014 MTV Movie Awards 4/13/2014

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  3. cons of having social media

    - people ruin Game of Thrones for you while you are working on sunday evenings because they are insensitive jerks

  4. perks of your guy not having social media accounts:

    - keeping your relationship off the net and irritating everyone (is that just me? HAPPY THREE MONTHS BABE! *eyeroll*)
    - also ensures your ex won’t kill himself when he finds out i actually lied when i said i don’t have time for/don’t think i’m ready for a relationship right now (really, he turned into a smothering child who basically wanted me to act as a mother figure/motivator for life and i hated him for it)
    - no possible way to creep around and dig through past relationships like a crazy person (what? me? never…)
    - extended family members won’t creepily add them as they do my other cousins (i am not joking)
    - probably a ton of other amazing reasons but i just can’t concentrate due to the fact that i have a 12 page paper due at midnight and i only have 1 page written. legit. bye.

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